Pets and Memorials

Pets, as every owner knows, create special memories that are deserving of great memorials. From cats to dogs to horses to birds to even snakes or ferrets, pets are such a special part of any family that even elaborate memorials for pets are more common today than ever before. Owners of pets have, for centuries, established memorials for their special friends, but in days gone by, this was a tradition mostly reserved for the richest and most powerful people in the world. Scientists have recently uncovered, for example, elaborate memorials left behind for the pets of ancient leaders in Peru. The pets of that societies most powerful people were commonly memorialized with luxurious graves alongside their owners. Large tombs have recently been discovered that seem to be as much memorials for the kings pets as they are for the king himself. In other cases, archeologists have found that upper classes of people across the globe have long made it their customer to establish memorials for pets in large, elaborately landscaped, pet cemeteries. But again, there is little evidence to show that people in the middle and lower classes, until very recently, took much part in this tradition of establishing memorials for pets. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, historians say that even the poorest of American families living in the most remote, rural areas of America began building memorials to their beloved-pets. It is not uncommon, for example, to find family cemeteries 100-200 years old that have at least a small section devoted to memorials for the families pets. Those who might dig up these pets graves, however, would discover that the memorials were usually quite simple. Sturdy headstones were rarely used for memorials for pets, and pets were commonly buried in nothing more than a paper sack (or in some cases nothing at all). Today, though, much more elaborate memorials for pets are an affordable option for millions of families who lose their pets company such as has thousands of different options. Luxurious pet caskets and long-lasting pet headstones are now widely available for surprisingly affordable costs. Beautiful pet cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry are also widely available to help families establish in-home memorials for their pets. Pets are still often buried, according to tradition, on a families private land – or even in a back yard – but they also can become part of large cemeteries, much like those of ancient time. Only, the modern cemeteries are open – and affordable – for pets from families of all classes and backgrounds. . Of course all of this is not to say that, today, all memorials for pets are of the same luxury and elegance. For those who can afford it, pet memorial products are available today that would rival some of the most elaborate memorials of the days when only the pets of kings were memorialized. The difference today is that these products are more common than they once were because, of course, they are not reserved exclusively for the pets of kings.